Will I Lose My Fitness Gains On Vacation?

Do I Lose All of My Progress on Vacation?
A lot of times as trainers we hear the statement: “I’m going to lose all of my progress over
vacation!” The fact of the matter is … no you will not! Yes, you may feel some effects of being
off of your routine, but you will not lose “all of your progress.”

The effects that you will probably feel are some of the following:

 Inflammation from different foods or alcohol
 Water retention
 Loss of stamina
 Loss of some grip strength
 Tiredness from lack of good nutrition/carb overload

These are very common symptoms coming back from vacation, but the reality is if you get right
back into the routine you had before you left, you’ll be back to where you were within a week!
Now that is not to say you can’t help keep some of these effects at bay.

Here are some simple tips to help reduce these effects from happening:

 Drink enough water (~120 oz/day)
 Eat nutrient dense foods
 Move (i.e. walking, yoga, swimming, etc.)

These are simple ways to help you stay “on track” while also not taking the fun out of vacation.
Remember, you are supposed to enjoy and relax on vacation. If you stress about losing
progress, you’re negating the point of the vacation. So, enjoy your vacations, and try these
simple tips to keep you feeling good!