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Did you know that a true lifestyle change happens in the kitchen?

You can never exercise enough to overcome a poor diet.

That’s why we’re offering you lifetime access to our exclusive online coaching program for a limited time!

This program gives you sequential, weekly lessons delivered from our website that build on each other to create a more healthy lifestyle that’s easy to maintain.

Each week you’ll learn about optimum nutrition, building better habits and much more.

The program was crafted over 12 years by expert personal trainer, Nick Klein, from lessons learned by the top 2% of industry experts.

It simplifies the complexities of diet, nutrition and attaining a healthy lifestyle using a 12 step lesson plan. Nick has spent the last decade refining, practicing and teaching this exact lifestyle, and watched people succeed time-and-time again!

Online Health Coach System -

Put a Health Coach in Your Pocket!

Our online higher health coaching program teaches a progressive approach to attaining better health & more happiness — no expensive personal trainer required!

New content is released each week, over a 12-week period, to help you create better habits without being overwhelmed. It’s about learning, changing and growing into healthier habits that last a lifetime.

Thousands of people have succeeded in achieving a higher level of heath using this convenient, effective method of learning and lifestyle change.

And the results are sustainable.

12 Weeks Of Incredible Health Education to Last a Lifetime

And You Do It All Online!

  • Week 1

    Mindset and goal setting, why lean protein is so important, who taught you how to eat, and get the skinny on supplements.

  • Week 2

    How to ensure 12 weeks of motivation, good fats vs. bad fats, breakfast for performance & the most important stretch sequence for health.

  • Week 3

    Not all carbs are created equal, optimal carb choices and timing, why it’s important to regulate insulin, and insulin protocols.

  • Week 4

    Connection between cortisol & mortality, sleep is essential and not a luxury, and the powerful effects of a daily gratitude log.

  • Week 5

    Learn about water and proper hydration, how environmental estrogens affect women and men, and balancing estrogen levels via nutrients.

  • Week 6

    The 21 Day Fix, food elimination diet, lower inflammation, and discover food sensitivities!

  • Week 7

    Why it’s important to fix your gut, ways to spot and select a well qualified trainer, and learn how to attain a healthy caloric deficit.

  • Week 8

    The right way to detoxify your body with supplements, how to get lean with less cardio, exercise principles and peri-workout protocols.

  • Week 9

    Learn how to level out androgens and testosterone for health, how to re-feed for gains, and determine your constitutional health profile.

  • Week 10

    How to achieve healthier hearts, get insight on concussions, how to accelerate recovery post injury, and ways to push through plateau.

  • Week 11

    Brain Health for optimal performance, planned overtraining for fast results, & how to intermittent fast in a logical manner.

  • Week 12

    Asking your doctor for optimal blood work, medication side effects, & program review.

Build Sustainably Healthy Habits!

This system is designed to create a journey that even accounts for the difficulties of implementing new habits.

We teach you how to build healthy habits over time!

Most people fail at making sustainable changes because they try to make too many changes at once, which only leads to frustration.

Our program helps you build new habits slowly over 12-weeks. You won’t get overwhelmed as you learn new ways to live in order to be healthier.

You get a lifetime membership, for a one-time, affordable investment, plus amazing bonuses to kick-start your journey.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Exclusive Bonuses

HHC Starter Recipes


Our Amazing Online Recipe Book

Nutrition supports the body with the necessary nutrients so that you can fuel your workouts and make the most of your workout recovery.

We make it easy to eat better food, without sacrificing flavor! 

In the Higher Health Coaching system, you’ll learn about the foundations of good nutrition, such as macronutrients, and why they are the cornerstone of what you should be eating.

Then, apply what you’ve learned by cooking delicious meals that help you reach your health goals.

Hundreds of top-rated, healthy recipes will be right at your fingertips, forever!

HHC Supplement Guide


Guidance To The RIGHT Supplements

There are thousands of supplements on the market, but which ones do you need? Which ones are high-quality and not full of fillers and things you don’t need?

Higher Health Coaching helps to demystify nutritional supplements!

We start with the Foundation 5 +1 to set a solid base of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D3, Fish Oil, Probiotics, Zing, Magnesium and a Multivitamin are vital to maximizing your body’s potential.

After the foundation is set, learn about different health issues, and which supplements can improve them, naturally!

Supplement Protocols

Throughout the 12 week program, you’ll get new supplement information and protocols to improve your health.

Week 1: Foundation 5 +1
Week 2: Sleep
Week 3: Insulin
Week 4: Cortisol

Week 5: Environmental Estrogens
Week 6: Inflammation
Week 7: Gut Rebuilding
Week 8: Detoxification

Week 9: Workout
Week 10: Cardiovascular
Week 11: Brain Health
Week 12: Injury & Surgery

HHC Personal Health Advice


Personal Health Advice

That’s why we put a keen focus on helping you improve many areas of your life, not just your physical appearance. After all, there’s so much more that goes into being happy and healthy!

Learn from expert trainers and scientists how to overcome plateaus, combat toxins in our environment, get better sleep, and most importantly take better care of yourself!

We go in-depth about the ‘other’ side effects of your medications, and help you maintain a healthy heart too.

Get new information each week to help you build better habits and a healthier life.

A Lifetime of Higher Health at a Tremendous Value

Everything is included for a one-time, discounted price!

12-Step Health Coaching System ($997 Value)

​Bonus #1 – Recipes To Get You Started ($47 Value)

​Bonus #2 – Guidance To The Right Supplements ($199 Value)

​Bonus #3 – Overall Personal Health Advice & Mindset Goal Setting ($297)


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