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If we select you to become an intern, there will be a 2-week trial to “get to know the team” and determine if you’re a good fit for Body by Choice Training, and if we’re a good fit for you!

What you will learn:

  • How a private gym operates. (client uptake, marketing, sales, customer service, facility management)
  • A good understanding of personalized program design
  • Basic understanding of wellness coaching (mindset, nutrition, supplementation) 
  • How to run a successful training session (exercise selection based on needs, technique, goal oriented approach. 
  • How to apply everything taught in the theory sessions

What will be expected from you:

  • Follow an agreed upon set schedule
  • Professional demeanor and attire
  • Show motivation to improve/be coachable
  • Work well within a team environment
  • Take direction well, keep facility clean and safe

Success leaves clues. Visit our blog “Successful Trainer Profile” to learn more!

Tell Us About Yourself

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What are your expectations about an internship with BBCT?
What are your top 3 values?
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What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses?
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