Experience the deep-healing benefits of our new infrared sauna!

Spend some time in Body By Choice’s exclusive, private infrared sauna in Grand Rapids and see how it can improve your overall health!

Just 20 minutes in our new IR Sauna can help you your body begin to revive cells, deeply detox your system, boost overall immunity and lower skin inflammation.

IR Sauna treatments help you sweat from deep in your body that can even lead to weight loss!  

After your sauna session, relax and wash off the expelled toxins in the attached private shower area, complete with free body wash, shampoo, towels and more. 

“I never expected to feel so great after an intense workout, but the new infrared sauna has given my body just what it needs!” – Jennifer

Infrared Sauna Rental in Grand Rapids MI at Body by Choice Personal Training Center - Bodybychoicetraining.com

Infrared Sauna Benefits


Infrared Sauna therapy is excellent for detox. It produces a rise in the body’s core temperature, resulting in a detoxifying sweat, which releases toxins deep from the cellular level.

By using an infrared sauna, you can rid your body of built-up and dangerous mold, plastics, chemicals, and heavy metals. Infrared rays penetrate deeply and increase blood circulation. This aids in the release of built up toxins.


IR sauna therapy can promote faster cell regeneration and tissue growth, which speeds up the skin’s healing process. By activating heat shock proteins, infrared sauna therapy also repairs cellular damage in the body.

An effective treatment for post-workout recovery, studies prove these symptoms can be lessened with infrared sauna treatment.


IR sauna therapy has been shown to increase blood circulation and oxygenation in blood cells, strengthening the immune system, improving cellular health, and aiding in muscle recovery.


Infrared sauna therapy can boost the cardiovascular system, just like a vigorous run does. Studies show that a single IR sauna therapy session can burn up to 600 calories through intense sweating.


IR rays consists of extremely short wavelengths, which lowers skin inflammation. The short wavelengths can improve the quality of your skin and diminish the appearance of unwanted blemishes.

IR Sauna Rental for Infrared Light Sauna Therapy in Grand Rapids MI - BodyByChoiceTraining.com


Enjoy the benefit of a private shower in the same room as your sauna cabin!

IR saunas speed up detoxification and eliminate disease causing environmental toxins, so showering as soon as possible after a sauna treatment is strongly suggested to avoid re-absorption of toxins.