Nick Klein

Founder & Personal Trainer

I want to help others make the most of their lives, to reach their health goals and experience a long and fit life. Staying the course, being positive and having BELIEF in embracing the process of change.


– The product, purpose and vision of Body By Choice Training. Cultivating the gift of life using personalized fitness and nutrition practiced with care is the name of our game.

– Our Company Values:
Integrity. Embracing honesty in every facet of life.
Excellence. Going above and beyond the standard.
Education. Continuously sharpening our skills to better serve.
Passion. Sharing our deep rooted love for what we do.
Family. A community that enjoys the blessings of life and health together.

– The law of attraction. Finding what you value and being true to your values day in and day out, creating a magnet of like minded people. Our team and community is a testament to this theory.

– In people & our community. The fact is that we will be gone one day and someone else will be telling our story. Doing right by our clients, athletes and coaches is a top priority.

– My staff, their continued hard work and dedication to their craft. Body By Choice will continue to strive to create an individualized experience that fosters a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

– Our mission. We will continue to build a community that fosters growth and challenges everyone to become a better version of themself.

– In gratitude, we are in this together 🙂

I specialize in outcome-driven, effective methods of training, exercise, education, nutrition and supplementation for clients and personal trainers alike. Improving health & performance by using a safe, logical & tailored approach is the name of our game!

Nick holds over 80 qualifications in strength & conditioning, performance nutrition, soft-tissue techniques, brain performance, psychology and sports therapy. He has worked with clientele in all walks of life from the pro athlete to the senior citizen.

I know for sure 5 things:
1. Exercise without a Plan is not optimum.
2. Exercise plans can be optimized when they are personalized. Anyone can improve.
3. Exercise that results in injury is both physically and psychologically debilitating.
4. Follow up and Accountability are mandatory for results.
5. Health is a long term investment.

I hope to one day have the opportunity to travel with you on your journey. We will always offer you a coaches encouragement, a mentor’s guidance, a critic’s feedback, a supporter’s admiration and a friends commitment.

Health is Happiness!

Nick Klein