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We are a private health & performance center. Customization, accountability & individual guidance can get the results you want!

Our individualized program begins with a free fitness consultation to review your goals, nutrition, health & exercise history. A no obligation discussion to determine if we are the right fit for you.


Marisa DidurMarisa Didur
21:50 26 Sep 23
Body by Choice is the best investment I have ever made in myself!I have exercised my entire adult life – group fitness classes and cardio machines -- and managed to stay in decent shape. But at 60 I decided it was time for this old dog to learn... new tricks if I wanted to remain active and travel in my retirement. I knew needed to get STRONG, and that meant tackling those scary free weight and intimidating weight machines. A health care professional whom I trust recommended Body by Choice and he did not steer me wrong.The group truly cares about the unique and individual needs of every client and works to help you reach your goals by creating a personalized plan and giving you helpful tips and tools.I am loving the results! I am getting stronger and have a confidence with weightlifting that I never imagined I would possess. My children who used to describe me as “fragile” are shocked when I tell them how much weight I am lifting, and my adult son, who began lifting weights as a high school athlete, is amazed at my proper form.I thought weightlifting would be like bitter medicine, a drudgery that I would suffer through as a means to an end. Instead, I was shocked to discover that I LOVE weightlifting and it is something I look forward to doing and honestly wish I started doing decades ago.I believe this life changing transformation was only made possible by Nick and his incredible Body by Choice team. I can’t say enough great things about Heather my trainer. She really listens to her clients and knows what motivates each person, no cookie cutter approaches here. I also learned a great deal from Tiffny. My whole life I thought about my diet in terms of what I needed to eliminate to remain healthy, she taught me to also think about what I needed to add to my diet to reach my goals.The entire crew at Body by Choice has a wealth of knowledge that they are excited to share with their clients in a non-judgmental environment.My only regret is that I didn’t discover Body by Choice earlier, but I am so very grateful that I am working with them more
Sarah LockwoodSarah Lockwood
14:29 11 Sep 23
I'm a fairly active, early 40's finding it challenging to loose weight so my Doctor recommended weight training. So I did what most of us do, I googled it. Thankfully I found Body by Choice. Nick ,the owner, met with me for a tour and right from... the start I felt very comfortable, he explained the approach and seemed very sincere about helping folks out. I decided that personal training was the way I need to go and have been working with Lisa. She has been fantastic! I really appreciate the motivation and accountability that she provides. She takes a very personal approach walking me through the routine she creates and helps every step of the way. The nutrionist Tiffny worked with me as well to come up with unique goals that will help with my food challenges. I'm about 1/2 way through the program and I feel stronger, using muscles I didn't even know I had and have lost a few pounds as well. Highly recommend Body by Choice to anyone that just needs that little extra push towards self care. Its been a game changer for more
Molly MandsagerMolly Mandsager
02:18 06 Sep 23
Honestly I really do look forward to my workouts every week. Everyone there helps you to have an environment that is judgment free and makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. Especially my trainers Rachel and Roy, both of them helped me make major... progress and see results, this helped me to gain more confidence in myself as well. This place has been great to me and my family and I definitely will be back!read more
Sam JSam J
19:50 27 Aug 23
I really wanted to approve my fitness and make my self stronger and this is the place to do it. You see so much improvement and progress in your mental and physical health through training here. The entire staff is just one huge family that show so... much care for their clients. Nick Klein the CEO is very professional and has so much knowledge to share. I definitely recommend more
Bill SaxtonBill Saxton
15:21 22 Aug 23
Last year, I tried working out again after a long hiatus, and was constantly plagued with injuries. I then found Body by Choice Training (and the Hadley Clinic right next door). They understood the needs of my 40+ year old body, and I've had 3... months of pain-free training since. I highly recommend giving BBCT a chance, especially if you are middle-aged and looking to get in shape safely and more
jacob bradleyjacob bradley
03:05 04 Aug 23
I was hesitant at first, but everyone here really made me feel at home. I received exactly what I was hoping for. The level of professionalism simply can not be matched. As far as I am concerned, this is the ONLY place to receive private... physical more
Nicole AboudibNicole Aboudib
21:20 03 Jul 23
I had been working out on my own religiously for the past 5 yrs, but wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I finally decided to join BBCT and couldn't happier with the improvements in my overall health! Between the weight lifting workouts and... nutritional guidance, my body has transformed and I have finally gained the physique and confidence I have been working so hard for! My personal trainer, Roy Scarbrough, was absolutely amazing! He is super knowledgeable about the body and went out of his way to continuously update my workout plan as I progressed and got stronger! Not only that, but within a couple weeks of starting my runners knee was gone and I was able to enjoy running again! I am forever grateful for this fitness journey and the personal training provided to me at BBCT!read more
Dan MurphyDan Murphy
00:27 20 Jun 23
BBCT has great facilities. Beyond that, they do an excellent job in understanding the needs of your specific body and design a program to best suit you! They stick with you and ensure you are getting the maximum results.
Michael PrindleMichael Prindle
14:15 19 Jun 23
BBCT is a first-class gym, and those that work here are amazing. They are here for you every step of the journey: nutrition, training, and recovery. Working with Roy Scarbrough was life-changing. I highly recommend him! Nick makes sure there is a... plan available for everyone, and Tiffny provides awesome support for planning and explaining nutrition. This is the Gym and training services to choose!read more
Sara EschelsSara Eschels
19:10 19 May 23
Body by Choice Training is top notch. The equipment and facility is clean and in great shape. All of the staff are very friendly and helpful. Heather is my trainer and she is the best! She challenges me and is super supportive. When I joined 5... months ago, I wore a knee brace to work out - today, the knee brace is gone. I still have work to do to get my leg stronger but I am well on my way. Thank you!read more
Travis MattsonTravis Mattson
21:42 16 May 23
When I was ready to start making some changes in my routines, I knew I was going to need some help in figuring out how. I was fortunate enough to find BBCT and after my initial consultation, I realized that I had found a place that would help... me.My trainer, Rachel L, has been wonderful to work with. After identifying my goals, we've created a plan and worked steadily to see improvement. She's friendly and supportive, and helps hold me accountable to our plan. All the staff at BBCT are supportive and friendly; definitely more
John ClarkJohn Clark
13:20 13 May 23
I have been a member for about five months and truly appreciate all the professionalism and genuine approach the staff takes in helping you accomplish your goals. My trainers, Stephanie and Heather have been great, teaching how to train properly to... get the maximum out of my training. Tiffany has helped me tremendously with my nutrition which is one on the reason for my weight loss and increased energy. You walk into the facility and everyone is positive and working hard for the benefit of the members. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to improve themselves both physically and more
Kristin EngleKristin Engle
18:14 20 Mar 23
The personal trainers at BBC make you feel welcomed, I was nervous to try something new as I have never worked with a trainer before. Garrett and Nathan put all my nerves at ease, they demonstrate each exercise, course correct, motivate and coach... during each session. Both are professional and I now look forward to training with them each week and reaching new goals. I feel so fortunate that BBC was recommended to more
Tyler FrakesTyler Frakes
20:33 12 Mar 23
I started training at BBCT about 6 months ago and I cannot emphasize the magnitude of positivity that has since been reintroduced to my life as a result.The staff of BBCT offer a wealth of knowledge and will work with you to forge a program to... achieve whatever goal(s) you are aspiring to accomplish in a healthy and safe manner. You can be a total beginner or an absolute fitness guru and I still believe BBCT would have something to offer you.Meanwhile, the facility has virtually every piece of fitness equipment under the sun so you'll always have options to add variety into your programming.Nathan Kendrick puts the personal in personal trainer - I always look forward to our sessions training together. His passion, devotion and commitment to his clients is unparalled and impossible to dismiss. Nathan has been and continues to be an outstanding resource both inside and outside of the gym. Nathan has kept me accountable to my goals while simultaneously being a professional, relatable and down to earth more
Carmen FarratellCarmen Farratell
20:28 17 Jan 23
Everyone at Body by Choice was so welcoming and friendly! I was nervous and intimidated not having much experience with weights or full body training but everyone made me feel right at home. My trainers Lisa & Brendan were amazing. It was a great... experience, highly more
Karen WillandKaren Willand
21:36 27 Dec 22
I am getting ready to start my 3rd session with my trainer Rachael Leach and I couldn't be happier. She aligns my workout to fit my goals of getting healthier, building strength and increasing muscle and she has done a great job of guiding me on... this journey. She challenges me just the right amount so that I feel successful and excited about going every session. I would highly recommend BBCT and more
Susan RechnerSusan Rechner
16:16 04 Nov 22
Body By ChoiceIs truly that! The trainers are all professional, male and female.The atmosphere is fun and focused. Reaching your personal goals and beyond will happen!The staff takes the time to greet and interact with everyone that comes... through the door.You will feel better when you leave having worked hard.What a great way to start…or finish your day!read more
Andrew ShripkaAndrew Shripka
16:02 14 Oct 22
Nick is a crazy knowledgeable trainer, the facilities are top notch, the regular email and text updates and info are solid, and I have loved the focus on building consistent and sustainable habits. I’ve dropped 25+ pounds in the last 4mo, am eating... better, have better balance, and am the strongest I’ve been in 20 years. Highly more
Zurina AriffinZurina Ariffin
20:56 28 Sep 22
I have received the best fascia therapy stretching. One-on-one with my therapist Garret is unique and so personalized. His is a very professional and attentive. BBC staff are very friendly and helpful. My knee is improving each visit. Very... knowledgeable staff to identify for your needs and abilities. Great explanation of treatment and help with pinpointing problem areas as well as exercises to overcome issues.I would definitely recommend the more
Gene JonesGene Jones
02:43 03 Jul 22
In my second month at BBCT and couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made. Rachel is my trainer and she has been fantastic in tailoring my workouts to my current fitness level, and continuing to push me every session. I would recommend BBCT to... anyone looking to reach and go beyond their personal fitness more
00:53 30 Jun 22
I have been working with Nate Kendrick, the TPI certified trainer at BBCT for about 20 weeks now and, aside from being a great guy, the progressive workout regimen he has me doing has really been effective. No doubt has not only improved the... muscles used in my golf swing but my everyday life movement has certainly been upgraded. Nate works you hard but keeps it light and makes going to the gym more
Faith MichoFaith Micho
20:00 04 Apr 20
My husband and I have been working out at Body by Choice for almost a year now. Our trainer is Nate and he is an awesome trainer. We enjoy the privacy of the gym and the one on one training we get. I have felt stronger, healthier and more motivated... to workout since I have been going to Body by Choice. We also have three kids that are ages 21-24 that also work out at the gym and have loved it. I would recommend this to gym to any age that is looking to start working out or getting into a workout more
NichHols .NichHols .
22:12 24 Mar 20
Nick and the entire staff are experienced and very knowledgeable. The Equipment is top notch, the facility is great, and overall an incredible atmosphere!You will not regret joining!
Richard HartmanRichard Hartman
21:15 24 Mar 20
I have recently joined Body By Choice and could not be happier. The owner Nick and my trainer Kolby have put together a personalized plan to get me back in shape and help relieve some of my chronic pain. Kolby pushes me every workout and I trust in... his process. Also meeting with the nutritionist has completely changed my eating habits. The education about nutrition is priceless. I have renewed hope that I will meet and exceed my fitness more
Christopher CollisonChristopher Collison
18:55 06 Mar 20
I just finished my first 12 weeks at BBCT and absolutely love it there. I trained with Kolby, who I think is an amazing trainer. He tailored my program to fit my goals while also helping me recover from meniscus surgery and rebuild strength in my... knee. He really knows his stuff and taught me a lot during our sessions, plus he made it fun. The staff there is great and are all very friendly. Tiffny overhauled my diet and made my eating habits much healthier. The benefits of the personalized, one-on-one training have been extremely evident since I started, and I'm looking forward to seeing how I continue to progress. I would recommend BBCT to anyone and more
Julianne ErnoJulianne Erno
02:03 07 Feb 20
I would give six stars if I could! I cannot recommend BBCT highly enough. This place has a nice private atmosphere which is perfect for someone like me who is still early on in their fitness journey. I never feel self conscious or judged by anyone... which can be a big fear for a newbie.I work with Stephanie and she is AWESOME!! If you can laugh with someone at 6am while you're pushing through a tough workout then they're doing something right! If there's something that she introduces that needs to modified, she can show you different ways to do it which is great. She's good at giving you the "why" behind what we're doing.I also enjoy the check-ins with Tiffny - she has a ton of knowledge on how your body is processing not only the food we consume but also products we interact with daily. I am definitely loyal to BBCT now and in the future. Honestly it's not even near where I live and work and it's so worth it to drive out there. I could not have started this fitness journey without more
Mark BraceMark Brace
20:06 03 Feb 20
The knowledge that Nick & the rest of the trainers bring is something beyond any gym I have ever been a part of. Their genuine interest in helping accomplish your health & fitness goals is also on a level that is beyond what most gyms/trainers... offer. They are truly the best of the best & highly recommend if you're looking to change your more
Emma JoppeEmma Joppe
13:14 18 Jan 20
Life changing! I have had the pleasure of working with a few of the trainers at Body By Choice. All of my training sessions were customized to my unique needs and capabilities. I would highly recommend giving BBCT a try.
Kari FastKari Fast
19:30 23 Dec 19
I’ve lost 20 pounds and am much stronger and fitter since I’ve been going to body by choice. Between Andy with working out and Tiffany with nutrition, I’m finally finding out how to be healthy! It’s amazing!!
Robert NapieralskiRobert Napieralski
22:02 11 Dec 19
Colby does a great job training.He is a motivator who personalizes the training to you needs.The gym is innovative and has great equipment.
Austin MorrisAustin Morris
00:31 02 Dec 19
Far and away the best gym and personal training in West Michigan. Nick and company put in a lot of work to make sure you have a complete plan (workout, nutrition, supplementation) tailored to your specific needs. I've worked with Nick, Nathan, and... Tiffny. They (and the rest of the team) are awesome! The facilities are first class and I love the private gym experience. I highly recommend BBCT to everybody. Tell them Austin sent you!read more
Jennifer BaerJennifer Baer
19:49 30 Oct 19
I love Body By Choice Training! My friend Ryan and I (ages 17) have been going here for a little over a year now. We started out just one day a week but ended up loving it and now we’ve been going two days a week for about 10 weeks now. We love our... trainer Taylor she pushes us to succeed and I have never felt better about myself in my life!read more
Ryan ManorRyan Manor
19:46 30 Oct 19
I’ve been going here with my friend for a little over a year now and we are OBSESSED. it’s a great break in the day where we can laugh with our trainer, Taylor, and get in a great workout. Best decision of my life! 😀
Jillian BJillian B
18:30 28 Oct 19
I have been going to BBC since January, and it has been a great experience. The equipment is in good shape, the staff is friendly, and the gym is always very clean. After an initial meeting with the owner, Nick, I was paired up with AnnaMarie as my... trainer. She is awesome and everything a trainer should be: smart, invested in her clients, willing to push you to achieve your goals, and funny (read: willing to give my sarcasm right back to me during my workouts). Highly recommend AnnaMarie and BBC to anyone who is looking to meet their fitness more
Steve WeinbergerSteve Weinberger
18:06 30 Sep 19
Ive been working with Andy for many months. He’s a real professional and a pleasure to work with. One of the nicest people you will ever meet!!! He makes working out a very enjoyable experience
Mackenzie MichoMackenzie Micho
21:36 28 Sep 19
I have been going to Body By Choice Training since June. I have completed one twelve-week program and just recently started a new twelve week program. I have been able to work with three different trainers at Body By Choice. My trainers are Nate,... Taylor and Andy I train with them three times a week. I have loved training with them and have felt stronger, healthier and better about myself since I’ve started. Each of them push and support me while I am training. They also have a nutritionist that is available to improve your nutrition. I highly recommend Body By Choice if you are looking to get in shape and improve your overall health. They are the experts 🙂read more
Victoria BoersmaVictoria Boersma
19:49 19 Sep 19
BBC is the most amazing gym I've ever been to. Not only is the equipment fantastic, clean and in really good shape. But they also pair you with a trainer. Since I've been going there, I've had the pleasure of working with Annamarie. She will push... you and support you and encourage you. And if you show up, you will succeed. In the time I've been going here, I've also gotten to know the other trainers along the way. Any trainer there, will be with you literally every step of the way. All of the plans are customized for you and your goals. They show you how to do things safely and very effectively. This is not a gym where you walk in the door and hop on a treadmill for 30 minutes because you don't know what else to do. You show up, you have a full workout plan waiting for you, you get a consistenly great more
Taylor VosslerTaylor Vossler
21:23 23 Aug 19
I absolutely love Body By Choice Training! I completed my first twelve-week program recently and I have never felt better. Stephanie (my trainer) pushes me to do my best and tests my capabilities. I feel stronger, healthier, and overall have better... about myself! Stephanie and the entire Body By Choice Training staff are amazing! I will never go anywhere else!read more
Brent RaedekeBrent Raedeke
16:57 28 Jul 19
I play professional hockey in Europe and I chose Body by Choice because of the elite level training programs they offer to athletes. I worked primarily with Nick and his colleague Kolby who are both very knowledgeable. Nick set up a personal program... for me including diet, supplementation and a strength and conditioning routine that helped me reach my goals. In only 10 weeks I dropped 4% total body fat and put on 13 pounds of lean muscle. If you are serious about your sport and live in the Grand Rapids area you need to give them a call. I highly recommend Body by more
Brigid KloostraBrigid Kloostra
10:57 09 Jul 19
I have been at BBC for almost a year. I have worked out with multiple trainers and they all bring something different to the session. Top that off with the nutrition help I have received and this place offers a total package customized specifically... to me. My arthritic knee has never felt stronger. It's been an amazing experience, I highly recommend BBC!read more
Lauren BaerLauren Baer
17:00 28 Jun 19
Weekly training sessions at BBCT over the last year have been a crucial part to my strength development and lean muscle gain! Taylor's motivation and careful program planning has kept me focused and allowed me to realize my body's full capabilities... as she pushes me for one more rep - something I would've given up on if I were by myself. Up until a year ago, I have always just trained individually and certainly continue to do so, but have found that even a weekly session has been incredibly beneficial with regards to reaching my fitness more
Hannah GerwinHannah Gerwin
16:54 28 Jun 19
BBCT is AMAZING. Such an accommodating and friendly space to exercise. They guide you so well. The staff are amazing, the workout plans are challenging but fun, and it’s never too crowded. I love my trainer Stephanie! Check this place out!
Sabrina WadoodSabrina Wadood
02:20 28 Jun 19
I have been working with Taylor for about 4 months now and I’ve never felt more motivated and excited about working out -and these workouts can be intense! - as I do when coming here. I’ve seen and felt so much improvement, physically and mentally... by pushing myself and having that support system to keep me going even when it gets tough. And it’s not just Taylor but all the other trainers and clients are supportive and friendly too. It’s also super awesome to hear my friends and family comment about how they have noticed how much better I’ve been looking and feeling lately since I’ve started training here! Highly recommend!!read more
Shane AnstettShane Anstett
12:26 26 Jun 19
I chose BBC based off of google reviews back in the spring. Their website was highly intriguing as well as their reviews, and for good reason. All of their trainers are extremely friendly, helpful and supportive. Their combination of... professionalism, knowledge and kindness sets them apart from other gyms. Not only do they help you out with training but they also have a nutritionist who helps you with choosing better and healthier meals. If you have any questions about shakes or supplements they are more than happy to help you, however they never once pressured me into buying them.Just going to the sessions twice a week with a trainer and eating healthier, they helped me lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks! All while gaining muscle and feeling stronger every week.It is on the pricier side, but they have different plans that you can ask about and surely afford. Ultimately, you’re not only investing your money into the company, but into yourself and they will guide you every step of the way to help you meet your more
Mary Jo DruekeMary Jo Drueke
20:13 12 Jun 19
I have an excellent, knowledgeable trainer that works with me weekly and designs new workouts specifically for me. I have built so much strength in my body that I had lost for a long time, more than I had hoped for as I had worked with other... trainers before without these results. And my positive results are evident in my medical assessment - my Doctor is very pleased with my numbers! Annamaire is a pleasure and joy to work with and has made a real difference in my more
Evan BushongEvan Bushong
15:00 11 Jun 19
Staff is great and really knows their stuff, gym is always clean and everybody is really friendly, haven't even considered going anywhere else to train since I started here
barbara Harkaibarbara Harkai
14:23 11 Jun 19
As a “senior citizen” I was troubled with various signs of aging including lethargy, weight gain, dangerous falls and lower back pain when walking or doing chores. Nathan at Body by Choice has reversed all these symptoms and has given me a new... lease on life. I was never comfortable in a gym environment and had no idea what I should do. Nathan and the “family” at Body by Choice erased my self-consciousness and made the experience something to look forward to. As a bonus, terrific weight and nutrition coaching is available from Tiffny, as well as on-line coaching. The change in my health is worth every penny. “When you have your health, you have everything.”read more
Tyler MeadeTyler Meade
23:12 04 Apr 19
Phenomenal fitness center. Great people. If you're looking for a gym that will give you the individual attention that YOU deserve, this is the one.
Tina IacovoniTina Iacovoni
10:17 04 Apr 19
I can't say enough about Nathan and Body By Choice staff. They embrace and welcome you along with helping you achieve physical goals you never knew you could. The positive environment and having the one to one with a skilled trainer makes all the... difference. Nathan and the other trainers are so very knowledgeable in their field of expertise which has allowed me to enjoy training. The benefits are priceless with my increased energy level and ability to focus more in my day to day life. They embrace the full spectrum of optimal health from eating behaviors to stress relievers and what it takes to become the best you could possibly be and feel. Thank you all Body by Choice trainers, especially Nathan who keeps me on more
Stephen FloydStephen Floyd
12:31 01 Apr 19
Super happy with my experience here. It’s a comprehensive program. They have great trainers and really nice facility. Highly recommended.
Alex OverbeekAlex Overbeek
16:44 30 Mar 19
I came to Body by Choice knowing very little about working out or nutrition. I have about a month left in my program and I have learned A LOT. Andy does a fantastic job of teaching you the exercises and keeping you on a schedule that keeps you on... your toes. No boredom here and certainly no room to slack off!! Tiffny has been super helpful in helping me with my nutrition plan and keeping me motivated by going over my body measurements. Can't say enough good things, keep up the good work!!read more
Randy AmyuniRandy Amyuni
22:54 19 Jan 19
12 weeks ago, I joined BBC to gain strength and lose fat. I had major surgery in July of last year that left me very week. I met with Nick and put a plan together for nutrition and exercise with measurable goals. I’ve worked very hard under the... watchful eye of Ann Marie, and met all my goals. I not only don’t want to lose what I gained, I want to take it to the next level. All of the staff at BBC are so supportive, it really is something I look forward to. I never dreamed that at 62, surviving lung cancer, I’d be in the best shape of my life. So now I reach higher. Great facility, people and more


We specialize in outcome-driven, effective methods of training, exercise, education, nutrition and supplementation for clients and personal trainers alike in the Grand Rapids, MI area.




Nick Klein has leading results based in personal training. He is known for helping his clients to achieve impressive health and fitness goals including fat loss, muscle gain, and overall wellness.

He specializes in tailored health and performance aligning a clients purpose with training that is logical, safe & effective.

“When I decided to pursue this venture of owning a health & fitness facility I knew that I wanted to serve others and build a team of trainers with that same vision.

Our ultimate purpose here as a team at Body By Choice is to help others CULTIVATE THE GIFT OF LIFE using personalized fitness and nutrition practiced with care.

“When I started in the industry this was not easy to articulate, but as I’ve grown it’s sure relevant to me now.”

What we do here at BBCT is highly specialized and individualized to match people’s biochemistry at the highest level. So, if you have the will to improve, the outcome is virtually guaranteed!


My Fountain of Youth!

personal trainer reviews Grand Rapids MI

“Body By Choice is my fountain of youth! After training with Nick for 4 months I’ve lost 14 pounds, reduced body fat from 29% to 22% and my nagging knee pain is gone!

With numerous certifications and years of experience in training and nutrition Nick’s sessions are the total package.”
– Greg Troutt

I am More Confident

personal trainer reviews Grand Rapids MI

“My (triathlon) season starts this week with my first event and I am more confident and feeling stronger than ever before. My advice to someone starting with BBC is to trust them and listen to them and you’ll see/ feel results. These are people with extensive background on physical movement and development and nutrition. And Kolby is amazing. Knows his stuff and makes the workouts ‘fun’.”
– Mike Corby

WOW What a Difference

personal trainer reviews Grand Rapids MI

“I am 60 years old-have had three knee surgeries including a partial replacement. I like to workout but it was getting very difficult … Finally decided to go to the Professionals-WOW what a difference. I am heading towards my 32nd workout and have lost weight-increased body mass and lost body fat. I am working out 4 times a week at a tough but reasonable pace-and I’m not getting hurt.”
– Mike King

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