Body Wellness Center

We are an ultra-clean, private health & performance center. Customization, accountability, privacy, and individual guidance can get the results you want!

Are you ready to change your life?


Our individualized program begins with a free fitness consultation to review your goals, nutrition, health & exercise history. A no obligation discussion to determine if we are the right fit for you.


We are doing absolutely everything possible in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic to ensure a safe and clean, private gym environment for all of our clients and staff.

Rigorous cleaning and disinfecting processes are now an integral part of our facility. These include:

Hand sanitizer is required when entering the building, and it’s right by the door and throughout the building.

Please bring your own water bottle, as the kitchen is not available to customers at this time.

Masks are encouraged; employees will wear them at all times.

Employees will disinfect each piece of equipment after each use, and the entire building is thoroughly cleaned regularly.

If you don’t feel well, PLEASE STAY HOME.


We specialize in outcome-driven, effective methods of training, exercise, education, nutrition and supplementation for clients and personal trainers alike in the Grand Rapids, MI area.




Nick Klein has leading results based in personal training. He is known for helping his clients to achieve impressive health and fitness goals including fat loss, muscle gain, and overall wellness.

He specializes in tailored health and performance aligning a clients purpose with coaching that nurtures complete wellness.

“When I decided to pursue this venture of owning a health & fitness facility I knew that I wanted to serve others and build a team of trainers with that same vision.

Our ultimate purpose here as a team at Body By Choice is to help others CULTIVATE THE GIFT OF LIFE using personalized fitness and nutrition practiced with care.

“When I started in the industry this was not easy to articulate, but as I’ve grown it’s sure relevant to me now.”

What we do here at BBCT is highly specialized and individualized to match people’s biochemistry at the highest level. So, if you have the will to improve, the outcome is virtually guaranteed!


My Fountain of Youth!

personal trainer reviews Grand Rapids MI

“Body By Choice is my fountain of youth! After training with Nick for 4 months I’ve lost 14 pounds, reduced body fat from 29% to 22% and my nagging knee pain is gone!

With numerous certifications and years of experience in training and nutrition Nick’s sessions are the total package.”
– Greg Troutt

I am More Confident

personal trainer reviews Grand Rapids MI

“My (triathlon) season starts this week with my first event and I am more confident and feeling stronger than ever before. My advice to someone starting with BBC is to trust them and listen to them and you’ll see/ feel results. These are people with extensive background on physical movement and development and nutrition. And Kolby is amazing. Knows his stuff and makes the workouts ‘fun’.”
– Mike Corby

WOW What a Difference

personal trainer reviews Grand Rapids MI

“I am 60 years old-have had three knee surgeries including a partial replacement. I like to workout but it was getting very difficult … Finally decided to go to the Professionals-WOW what a difference. I am heading towards my 32nd workout and have lost weight-increased body mass and lost body fat. I am working out 4 times a week at a tough but reasonable pace-and I’m not getting hurt.”
– Mike King

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