Are You a Lark or an Owl?

As trainers, we are often asked when the best time to train is … Morning? Lunch time? Evening?  The answer is quite simple yet complex at the same time.  This, along with most other topics we talk about, is individualized. Each person has different goals, energy levels and schedules. What works best for one person […]

Educational Resources

When I first started researching ways to improve my health I began to realize anyone can write an article and share their opinion. It took a lot of digging to find credible sources I could trust. Through my conversations with many of you I know you are often looking for more information or want new […]

Why Endurance Athletes can benefit from Strength Training

One of the most common misunderstandings of endurance athletes is that strength training could negatively affect their performance. Many of the stereotypes are that lifting weights will lead to weight gain, thus resulting in poorer performance, and an increased risk of injury. The truth is that the benefits of strength training are far too great […]

Are you Getting Enough Water to Support your Fitness Goals?

What is ONE easy way to help burn fat, aid overall health, decrease risk for injury, and increase performance? Water intake. Yes, the answer is pretty simple. So, let’s dive into the facts about adequate water intake and its benefits. In 2005-2010, U.S. youth drank an average of 15 ounces of water on a given […]

How to Train Your Abdominals Effectively

How to Train Your Abdominals Effectively  The ‘abs’ are probably one of the most visually appealing muscle groups when they are built and visible. As with most muscle groups, people tend to overlook the purpose and focus more on the visual aspect, which makes sense, since most individuals start training in order to look better […]

Why Are You Watching Your Weight?

From time to time clients will leave their Biosignature follow up appointments disappointed because the number on the scale didn’t change. You see a drop in body fat percentage and a rise in lean muscle mass, but the weight on the scale is still the same. WHY IS THIS NOT SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE? Shouldn’t we […]

Training After Knee Injuries

Training After A Knee Injury Getting back into the gym after a significant knee injury can be a scary thought and prevent us from doing just that. But, there are many ways we can still lift and train properly while avoiding injury as long as the right steps are taken. Two of the most common […]

Importance of Mindset to Injury Recovery

Most of us have or will have to recover from an injury, surgery, or a case of over-use at some point in our lives. If you’re lucky a few days off and the correct rehab is all you need. For others the road to recovery was or will be much longer. Keeping a positive mindset […]

Is Alcohol Sabotaging Your Fat Loss?

Is Alcohol Sabatoging Your Fat Loss? You’ve waited all week, now it’s time to play.  All of your workouts are completed, you nailed your diet, and your measurements for the week were great.  All the more reason to celebrate with a couple of cocktails, right?  You may want to think twice.  Depending on your goals […]

The Reverse Hyperextension

The Reverse Hyper is a piece of equipment that is underappreciated by many. Many gyms don’t have it, but it’s growing in popularity as its benefits become known. History Louis Simmons, power lifter and founder of Westside Barbell, created this machine in response to breaking his back in the 1970s. He refused surgery, which would […]

Our Blood Never Lies

Blood Work Checklist 1. CBC 2. CMP • Add fasting insulin 3. Cardiac Profile & Inflammatory Markers Blood lipids HBA1C HS-CRP Homocystein 4. Adrenal Stress & Cortisol • Adrenal Stress Profile (saliva): Cortisol x 4 (8 AM, 12PM, 4PM, 8PM) 5. Comprehensive Thyroid Panel Free T-3 Free-T4 total T3 totalT4 reverse T3 thyroglobulin TPO antibody […]

The Biggest Killer – Inflammation!

Signs that you are inflamed!  Bodyfat has a very dense, hard texture to it regardless of body fat percentage Skin folds are painful to take Skin takes on a very watery, almost blurry appearance Increase in scale weight without an increase in muscle mass or drop in lean mass Elevated insulin level High body fat […]

"5 Stars!"

Tyler Meade
Tyler Meade
23:12 04 Apr 19
Phenomenal fitness center. Great people. If you're looking for a gym that will give you the individual attention that YOU deserve, this is the more
Tina Iacovoni
Tina Iacovoni
10:17 04 Apr 19
I can't say enough about Nathan and Body By Choice staff. They embrace and welcome you along with helping you achieve physical goals you never knew you could. The positive environment and having the one to one with a skilled trainer makes all the difference. Nathan and the other trainers are so very knowledgeable in their field of expertise which has allowed me to enjoy training. The benefits are priceless with my increased energy level and ability to focus more in my day to day life. They embrace the full spectrum of optimal health from eating behaviors to stress relievers and what it takes to become the best you could possibly be and feel. Thank you all Body by Choice trainers, especially Nathan who keeps me on more
Stephen Floyd
Stephen Floyd
12:31 01 Apr 19
Super happy with my experience here. It’s a comprehensive program. They have great trainers and really nice facility. Highly more
Alex Overbeek
Alex Overbeek
16:44 30 Mar 19
I came to Body by Choice knowing very little about working out or nutrition. I have about a month left in my program and I have learned A LOT. Andy does a fantastic job of teaching you the exercises and keeping you on a schedule that keeps you on your toes. No boredom here and certainly no room to slack off!! Tiffny has been super helpful in helping me with my nutrition plan and keeping me motivated by going over my body measurements. Can't say enough good things, keep up the good work!!read more
Randy Amyuni
Randy Amyuni
22:54 19 Jan 19
12 weeks ago, I joined BBC to gain strength and lose fat. I had major surgery in July of last year that left me very week. I met with Nick and put a plan together for nutrition and exercise with measurable goals. I’ve worked very hard under the watchful eye of Ann Marie, and met all my goals. I not only don’t want to lose what I gained, I want to take it to the next level. All of the staff at BBC are so supportive, it really is something I look forward to. I never dreamed that at 62, surviving lung cancer, I’d be in the best shape of my life. So now I reach higher. Great facility, people and more
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