The Importance of Core Strength

The Importance of Core Strength Walk into any gym and you’re bound to hear somebody talking about “core strength.” But what exactly does that mean? How many muscles make up the core? How many consecutively done crunches constitute a “strong core?” Let’s start with the basics. The word “core” refers to the central or innermost […]

The Benefits of Push-Ups

Push-Ups Push-ups are a great exercise to work the upper body as they work the pectorals, triceps, deltoids and core. So let’s explore proper push-up form, as well as many types of push-up variations. Proper form on a push-up is important in order to protect the shoulder. Start with your hands on the floor under […]

What you don’t know about The Pill (Birth Control)

What you don’t know about The Pill (Birth Control) This is for all you women out there who are on the pill or who want to understand the pill more. I have been so curious about the birth control pill since I’ve heard many of my clients, friends, family, and acquaintances are on it to […]

The Importance Of Tempo Prescription

When you look at your workout, you’ll see the sub-heading “tempo” with a 4 number sequence, usually something similar to 3-0-1-0. But what do those numbers mean? Why is it important? Think of your tempo as the “speed limit” for your workout. When you drive, the speed limit changes based on where you are on […]

The Benefits Of A Split Squat

This month kicks off our exercise education series! The first exercise we will be reviewing is the front foot elevated split squat. Many people get this exercise confused with a lunge, but execution is quite different when done correctly. The split squat is best used in the general preparation phase of a workout program. It […]

Structural Balance: Training To Attain Your Full Potential

You will never be pain free and reach your full potential without attaining structural balance. After a detailed initial assessment, a knowledgeable personal trainer can pinpoint your weaknesses and help you correct any imbalances you may have within 6-12 weeks. Structural balance is of the utmost importance for any age group, ranging from the 16-year old […]

Food For Attaining Optimal Gut Health: FREE Guide

Good digestion is essential to your overall health! Gut health, brain function, inflammation, immunity and regular bowel movements all depend on how your food is digested. The digestive system acts as a barrier by keeping toxins and waste out of the body, and letting in the good stuff the body needs to thrive. Learn the […]

How To Improve Sleep: FREE E-Book

Sleep is our body and mind’s time to rejuvenate and repair. The people that sleep the most live the longest! It has a bigger impact on our metabolism than food or exercise. If you do not sleep a solid 7 hours a night, your body produces too much cortisol, causing it to stay in stress mode, […]

Foundation 5 + 1 Supplement Guide

Health, recovery from training and overall wellness are dependent on nutrient status and deficiencies. The truth of the matter is Americans have plenty of nutritional gaps to fill. Everyone on this planet would greatly benefit from taking the foundation 5+1 supplements outlined in this guide. The 5 +1 nutrients work synergistically together to pack the […]

Healthy Food List Guide

Modified Mediterranean Food Plan: -Whole foods, plant-based -Low glycemic -Modified whole grain intake -Phytonutrient diversity -High-quality plant and animal proteins -Healthy fat balance Grocery List

Online Training Start Up Guide

A rep is never just a rep. Be sure you read the start up guide for proper training execution! Online Training Start Up Guide

Free Jump Start Guide To Losing Weight

The 80/20 Rule In Losing Weight & Eliminating Stress Without Starving Yourself To Death. Download our Free Guide Below! Shred Diet & Stress Test

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