Body By Choice is Grand Rapid’s Premier Personal Training Gym

We are located on Lake Dr. near East Paris & Cascade Road.

With a vision to teach people how to cultivate the gift of life using personalized fitness and nutrition practiced with care, founder Nick Klein strives to create the most professional and educational-driven personal training experience.  

“It is only through education that people achieve sustainable health and results.”

All Personal Training Packages Include:

  • Individualized Training & Nutrition Programs

    Based on your comprehensive evaluation so that you can train harder, remain injury free and get the tailored approach you need.

  • Monthly Nutrition Support and Accountability Check Ups

    Ensuring you are on track toward your goals in a healthy, sustainable manner.

  • Workouts For On-Your-Own Training

    We want you to succeed, so if you are not with a trainer every session we will provide professional guidance on which programs to complete on your own.

  • Start Up Success Manual

    This success blueprint book provides valuable insight on our philosophy, nutrition, supplements, hormones, weight loss, shopping lists, training principles and much more!

  • Gym Access Any Time

    Get access to our private gym anytime during business hours, even if you don’t have a training session scheduled! We are open M-F 6a – 8p and Saturday 9a – 1p.

  • Support And Accountability

    Whether it be strength, fat loss or performance targets, Body By Choice holds you to a higher standard so you’re constantly challenging yourself towards bigger goals.

  • No Unwanted Interruptions or Waiting For Equipment

    We are NOT a big box gym, but rather a premier & private training studio so you can focus on your training without any interruptions.

  • Unlock Your Potential

    With our specialized knowledge we use personalized periodization for your training, nutrition and supplementation.

  • Achieve Your Goals With Confidence

    Know you are working with the best personal trainers in Grand Rapids.

  • A Maximized Investment

    Investing in professional advice will be the best thing you can do for your fitness and body composition goals.

You may look in the mirror and see an out of shape figure, but I see an individual with transformation potential. If you can harness your drive, focus and determination then anything is possible!

"5 Stars!"

Body by Choice Training
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How Our Personal Training Process Works

We think outcome – not hour.

We offer 12-week programs and a personalized experience, not single sessions.  

This ensures better outcomes in reaching your goals.

Our rates depend on the individual and their goals. Contact us for a consultation to learn more.

Our Core Values…

  1. Integrity
  2. Excellence
  3. Family
  4. Passion
  5. Education
Personal Training Gym in Grand Rapids - Body by Choice Training

Proven Personal Training Methods

Our specialized knowledge of health and wellness sets us apart. 

Having provided personal training for countless clients over a decade, we know how to get results in the most effective and efficient time frame. 

We work with a broad spectrum of the people who have one thing in common, a serious mindset about making positive changes and getting the results they have always wanted.

Your first session includes an 1-1/2 hour Comprehensive Evaluation.  Our experience has proven there is not a cookie cutter program that can be used for every person.

People are DIFFERENT, therefore in order to be most effective you need a tailored approach. Before we can design your program we evaluate your needs and starting point.

The Comprehensive Evaluation starts by getting to know you discussing goals, limitations, exercise history, and diet.  After this we complete a Structural Assessment that looks at flexibility discrepancies and strength imbalances.

We conclude the evaluation with a meeting with our health coach and nutrition support specialist.

We have to establish what success looks like for you in 12 weeks. It must be specific, measurable and have a deadline. Your coach then puts a dietary plan in order based upon your desired goal alongside some mindset coaching.

To finalize the evaluation you schedule your follow up appointments every 3-4 weeks with the health coach. These will keep you accountability during the 12 weeks and allows us to progress you with the nutrition plan. 

All the data we collect will allow our experts to design your specific 12 week training and nutrition program.

This ensures you maximize results and achieve your goals. 

Free workout with a personal trainer in Grand Rapids MI - Body by Choice Training

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Cutting-Edge, Highest-Quality Fitness Equipment

Body by Choice has a fully-equipped, private gym with only the best equipment to meet our high standards of practice.

Gym with Personal Trainers in Grand Rapids MI - Body by Choice Training
  • review rating 5  I have been working with Taylor for about 4 months now and I’ve never felt more motivated and excited about working out -and these workouts can be intense! - as I do when coming here. I’ve seen and felt so much improvement, physically and mentally by pushing myself and having that support system to keep me going even when it gets tough. And it’s not just Taylor but all the other trainers and clients are supportive and friendly too. It’s also super awesome to hear my friends and family comment about how they have noticed how much better I’ve been looking and feeling lately since I’ve started training here! Highly recommend!!

    thumb Sabrina Wadood
  • review rating 5  The knowledge that Nick & the rest of the trainers bring is something beyond any gym I have ever been a part of. Their genuine interest in helping accomplish your health & fitness goals is also on a level that is beyond what most gyms/trainers offer. They are truly the best of the best & highly recommend if you're looking to change your lifestyle.

    thumb Mark Brace
  • review rating 5  Colby does a great job training. He is a motivator who personalizes the training to you needs. The gym is innovative and has great equipment.

    thumb Robert Napieralski
  • review rating 5  I can't say enough about Nathan and Body By Choice staff. They embrace and welcome you along with helping you achieve physical goals you never knew you could. The positive environment and having the one to one with a skilled trainer makes all the difference. Nathan and the other trainers are so very knowledgeable in their field of expertise which has allowed me to enjoy training. The benefits are priceless with my increased energy level and ability to focus more in my day to day life. They embrace the full spectrum of optimal health from eating behaviors to stress relievers and what it takes to become the best you could possibly be and feel. Thank you all Body by Choice trainers, especially Nathan who keeps me on track.

    thumb Tina Iacovoni
  • review rating 5  I chose BBC based off of google reviews back in the spring. Their website was highly intriguing as well as their reviews, and for good reason. All of their trainers are extremely friendly, helpful and supportive. Their combination of professionalism, knowledge and kindness sets them apart from other gyms. Not only do they help you out with training but they also have a nutritionist who helps you with choosing better and healthier meals. If you have any questions about shakes or supplements they are more than happy to help you, however they never once pressured me into buying them. Just going to the sessions twice a week with a trainer and eating healthier, they helped me lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks! All while gaining muscle and feeling stronger every week. It is on the pricier side, but they have different plans that you can ask about and surely afford. Ultimately, you’re not only investing your money into the company, but into yourself and they will guide you every step of the way to help you meet your goals.

    thumb Shane Anstett