Dolci Realty: Whats Great Grand Rapids?

Novemeber 22, 2019

#WhatsGreatGrandRapids In this episode we met up with Nick Klein of Body By Choice Training. Nick is offering a complimentary 12 week training program to one lucky person who likes, comments and shares this post.

Grand Rapids Business Journal – 5 Tips for keeping your New Year’s health resolution

December 31, 2018

It’s that time of year when many of us are setting one or more New Year’s resolutions related to our health. Unfortunately, most of these health and wellness goals are quickly abandoned as people are often too eager to jump into the New Year and overdo it. I want to help you prevent that from happening; here are five key tips for achieving your 2019 Resolutions! Read More >

Successful Generations – Pump it Up! Why Strength Training is Essential to the Success of Your Health Plan w/ Nick Klein

April 11, 2018

As I mentioned before, I was a rower all through high school and college. I loved the sport and being on the water—it was a great experience. A decade (and some change) later though, I found myself feeling the effects of the very intensive sport, especially as my physical activity decreased. The pain in my back and hips was excruciating at times. Read More >

Grand Rapids Business Journal – Increase your sleep to reduce stress

June 30, 2018

Sleep has a bigger impact on our bodies’ metabolism than the food we eat or our exercise habits. Sleeping less than seven hours per night has been linked to inflammation, oxidative stress, CVD, Endothelial dysfunction, GI problems, higher risk of cancer, sex and thyroid imbalances, bone loss, diabetes, aches and pains, weight gains and food cravings. Read More >

Grand Rapids Business Journal – Inside Track: Gym rat finds calling

June 29, 2018

Nick Klein said he was always a gym rat growing up, even before becoming the CEO of his own personal training gym.  Read More >

GRNow – Body by Choice Expands into New, Larger Studio

May 11, 2018

It is almost officially beach season in Michigan and that means a lot of people are going to be stepping up their fitness game in the next month or so. Just in time, Body By Choice, a premier personal training studio in West Michigan, has moved and expanded into a larger studio located at 4070 Lake Drive, Suite 103. Read More >