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Specific Training Yields Specific Results

Our online personal training program is tailored to you to keep you moving and change, while providing accountability and support at every step!


  • Online Training Start Up Guide
  • Mobile Digital Training App. Programs trough TrainHeroic
  • A New Training Program Every 3 Weeks
  • Tutorial Videos for Every Exercise
  • Tracks Exercise History Automatically
  • Tracks Personal Best For Every Exercise
  • Access Your Training Anytime + Anywhere
  • Short and Long Term Periodization
Online personal training analytics


A higher standard of online fitness training!

  • Weekly Compliance Report
  • Tracks Performance & Result History
  • Performance Charts & Total Volume Tracker
  • ​Readiness Score (sleep, mood, energy, stress)
  • ​Exercise Technique Analysis & Video Sharing Options


  • Compliance Support Team
  • Directly Message Your Coach Anytime
  • Exclusive Accountability Group
  • Group Online Challenge Options with Your Peers

Today, you can get everything for just

$99 per Month


Motivated & Eager to Learn

Access to Gym Equipment

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I have 100% faith in my product especially since there are so many people who I’ve helped to change their lives, build their confidence and more importantly lose weight. However to express how confident we are, we have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee in place if you can show us that our product does not work.

Don’t Take Our Word for It.

Hear What Our Clients Say…

The Digital Training Program Making A Difference!

We view TRAINING as being very different from just exercise and movement.

All movement is great, but TRAINING is much more involved, detailed oriented and uses the principle of specificity to achieve a certain outcome. Every training principle from intensity, rest, sets, tempo, exercise selection and even grip position have been logically implemented in this program.

The digital trainer uses advanced program design and periodization strategies to accomplish a specific outcome.

Periodization is the process of allocating a training plan into specific blocks. Each block is specifically designed to provide various types of stressors, while having particular goals to train towards. This keeps the exercise programs exciting every week by using different training modalities throughout the course of the month and the entire year.

The program is truly a convenient and effective method to achieve higher health. The best thing in the world is sustainable results. We want that for everyone. We take into account the peaks and valleys of your progression.

The Digital Training App allows us to coach you virtually, almost like we are right by your side counting every rep.

In Closing…

You may look in the mirror and see an out of shape figure, but I see an individual with transformation potential.

If you can harness your drive, focus and determination then anything is possible!

Today, you can get everything for just

$99 per Month