Online Personal Training 


“Specific Training Yields Specific Results!”

Digital training providing fitness, accountability & individual guidance. This is our convenient and effective method in achieving greater health. The best thing in the world is sustainable results. We want that for everyone. Our online training program takes into account the peaks and valleys of your progression.

We are excited to bring our online training to everyone! We will focus on improving strength, increasing muscle and enhancing performance. It will not be “easy” training, you must be dedicated to your results and have the desire to bring out the best version of yourself.

This program is much more involved, detailed oriented and uses the principle of specificity to achieve a certain outcome. Every training principle from intensity, rest, sets, tempo, exercise selection and even grip position have been logically implemented in the program.

We use advanced program design and periodization strategies to accomplish a specific outcome every 12 week’s. Periodization is the process of allocating a training plan into specific blocks. Each block is specifically designed to provide various types of stressors, while having particular goals to train towards.

We keep the exercise programs exciting every week by using different training modalities throughout the course of the month and the entire year. There are 4 training phases in each 12 week block. Phase 1 is structurally focused, phase 2 has a hypertrophy emphasis, phase 3 is pure fat loss and phase 4 is always relative strength based. This prevents the body from ever adapting to the training stimulus = greater results.

The tools and analytics within the Digital Training App allows us to coach you virtually, almost like we are right by your side counting every rep.

I understand the hardest part to any goal is starting. It’s a CHOICE! So essentially…..Your Just One Rep Away!



  • Gym Accessibility
  • No serious injuries/limitation
  • 1+ years of resistance training
  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Motivated