AnnaMarie Tarantowski Personal Trainer at Body by Choice Training in Grand Rapids MI -

AnnaMarie Tarantowski

Senior Trainer & Operations Supervisor

I have loved sports since I was young. I still do. But that love did not come without its trials. I tore my ACL and meniscus as a sophomore in high school and was forced to sit out of the sports I so loved to play. But the surgery and long road to recovery allowed me to truly know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life – encourage others to get stronger. This led me to a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science from Calvin College. Through my time at Calvin I got an internship with Body by Choice in 2015, and then was hired on after my internship was completed in early 2016.

Now, as a trainer, I am still learning more and more about how each person is different and how much each person needs individual attention to strengthen weak points and overcome their own struggles. My favorite thing about training is when a client comes in saying they feel stronger and more confident about themselves! Now, that’s a win in my book!