Claim your free Structural Assessment and learn how an imbalance could be affecting quality of life.

Different people have different needs, which are largely determined by strength imbalances and flexibility discrepancies.

One of our expert personal trainers will meet with you in person, assess your structural balance and create a personalized plan help you live better!

Structural Assessment You Will Learn:

  • What muscles are over-active and tight
  • Which muscles are under-active and weak
  • Why you are in pain and understand the links between an imbalance and what you are feeling
  • Why you may have hit a strength plateau and understand why the imbalance is preventing future progress
  • An approach to exercise that produces better results, lower injury rate and pain free living
Structural Balance Assessment and Exercise in Grand Rapids MI - Body by Choice Training

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I am the proud founder and director of Grand Rapids exclusive personal training studio, Body By Choice Training (BBCT).

My team and I specialize in outcome-driven, effective methods of training, exercise, nutrition and supplementation as well as education for clients and personal trainers alike.

I have leading results based in personal training to those seeking excellence. It is my individualized approach, over 30,000 hours of client training, knowledge and practical philosophies that allow my clients to transform their body, and to achieve Optimal Health naturally. I have experienced several times those that come to us with little hope, poor health, injuries, no personal belief that what we offer could ever benefit them. My personal satisfaction: watching those people thrive.

As a leader and forward thinker, and with my wisdom and knowledge, I will continue to make an impact with the gift of greater health.

1. Exercise without a Plan is not optimum.
2. Exercise plans can be optimized when they are personalized. Anyone can improve.
3. Exercising that results in injury is both physically and psychologically debilitating.
4. Follow up and Accountability for results.
5. Health is a long term investment.

I have traveled all over the world learning from the best strength coaches, nutritionists, and mindset consultants to really find an approach that is very individual and that would allow me to have the tools here at BBCT to work with anyone who is serious about really stepping up their results and getting in the best shape of their lives.

I know that you are biochemically different from the person next to you. You need tailored information with tailored knowledge and a tailored approach. The only way to really get that is to have so many different tools in your tool belt. What we do here at BBCT is highly specialized and individualized to match people’s biochemistry at the highest level. So, if you have the will to improve, the outcome is virtually guaranteed.

Here’s to your success,

Nick Klein
Master Personal Trainer
Owner, Body by Choice Training

Nick Klein, Personal Trainer in Grand Rapids MI -

“I genuinely care about your overall well-being. My goal is not only to improve your physical well-being, but also your emotional and spiritual well-being. The Body By Choice Training advantage aligns your purpose with coaching that nurtures complete wellness. We are over joyed with the opportunity to help cultivate your gift of life with personalized fitness and care.”