Kolby Semrow, Personal Trainer in Grand Rapids MI at Body by Choice Training

Kolby Semrow

Senior Trainer

I have been with Body by Choice since the doors opened in 2013. I graduated from Grand Valley in 2013 with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Business. While at Grand Valley, I worked with the track and field team to help with their strength and conditioning. This gave me experience working with groups, and programing for athletes to improve performance. This also showed me that I would rather work with people on an individual basis. After college, I completed an internship under Stuart Orr of Iron Orr Gym and continued to work there for a period of time after my internship. This gave me a lot of the one on one experience that I was looking for and helped develop and shape my training philosophies.

I also had the unique experience of training the Grand Rapids Roller Derby team. After my tenure at Iron Orr Gym, I met Nick Klein and started working at Body by Choice. I experienced more personal growth and completed my PICP 1 and 2 certifications and Dr. Spina’s Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms). Through my 8 years of training and continuing education, I have developed my passion for strength training. I love to help people realize that they are stronger than they think and that they can get even stronger, whether you’re an athlete trying to improve performance or someone wanting to gain strength as they age. My goal is to get individuals stronger in order to: be in less pain, improve quality of life, and improve performance. When I’m not working I enjoy restoring my old Jeep, playing church softball, remodeling, and spending time with my wife.