Trent Hullett Personal Trainer at Body by Choice Training in Grand Rapids MI -

Trent Hullett

Personal Trainer

I’m happy to join the team here at Body By Choice. Most of my experience in the field comes from being a pupil. During my college wrestling career at Alma, my strength coach challenged me to put in the effort and completely buy into the program. With his guidance, I gained a strong grasp of the Poliquin principles as well as other lifting methods.

I graduated from Alma College in 2017 with a degree in pre-medicine, national qualifier honors and academic all-American honors. I took time to figure out how I really wanted my life to unfold, specifically my career interest in the health science field.

I realized I loved training and would much rather help keep people out of the hospital rather than helping them once they arrived at the hospital. So I left my hometown of Jackson, MI and headed to Grand Rapids for more opportunities in the industry. I had a short-term internship with Body By Choice in the fall of 2018. I received my CPT from NASM and then spent a year training clients in Rockford.

As I watched the pandemic unfold my passion for training and helping people with their health was reignited so I reached back out into the training world and found the perfect opportunity here at Body By Choice Training.

I’m so excited to meet and work with all of you!