Gina Huizingh Personal Trainer at Body by Choice Training in Grand Rapids MI -

Gina Huizingh

Senior Trainer

I am new to this staff but not to the building. Following the closing of the MAC in 2014, I have been a subcontractor at BBCT. So I have been around BBCT very part-time for about 7 years!

I have been training and coaching clients for more than 20 years in populations ranging from post rehabilitation, runners, weight loss and clients looking to make healthy lifestyle and behavior change. I have worked in a variety of health and wellness settings including The Michigan Athletic Club, the YMCA, corporate wellness, hospital wellness programs, with bariatric surgery clients, prenatal fitness classes, senior fitness and wellness coaching.

I have maintained my NASM personal training certification through continuing education, earned my Wellcoaches© Wellcoach certificate in 2012, became FirstLine Therapy certified in 2019, and I am currently finishing up my Poliquin Personal Training Certification.

I am passionate about helping people set goals and make positive, sustainable exercise and nutrition habits that become a lifestyle and build a healthy body image. I enjoy researching, cooking and eating healthy, running, camping, traveling, hiking, spending time with family and friends, reading and listening to a variety of podcasts.