Grand Rapids Personal Training Testimonials

Here’s what our clients say about Body By Choice Training!! Many people have seen great results from hard work, proper nutrition and supplements. Your individual results may vary. 

“It is difficult to put to words just how much my experience with Nick, Tiff, Kolby and the rest of the staff at Body By Choice Training means to me and my family. To be told over and over again that my chances of conceiving naturally were too slim to bother was devastating. I have complete faith in what Nick does in his practice not only because of his vast knowledge of the body and how it is created to function, but because of the encouragement and care that he and his staff practice every day with their clients. I have been well cared for, built up not only physically but mentally and emotionally, and it has helped to make my biggest dream come true. We are by far much healthier, stronger, and happier after our time with Body By Choice, and it is something we can now share with our baby boy, once he’s old enough to dead lift 😉 Thank you, Nick, for all you and your amazing team have done for me! It has truly changed my life.”

– Erin Harmon

“Nick’s program works!!!!!!!!!!   I weighed in Monday morning down 33.5 lbs & 4.2 % body fat index. Half way to my goal in less than 3 months – I will be signing up for the next
3 months. Thanks for everything.” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Joe Kasperlik

“I love it here!! Kolby and Nick are awesome! They are helping me get stronger and recover from an injury. Their knowledge about food and supplementation is some of the best I have encountered. Excited to see the results! Cleanest gym in town!!” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Jenny Echols

“It’s amazing how much you can learn from everyone who works here! They’re all very knowledgeable, if your confused there is always someone there to assist. I never feel overcrowded like when I was at planet fitness.” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Mary Nygren

“BEST Training experience I have ever had! The energy in the gym and the workouts are amazing! This is an awesome place with incredible people! I’m getting into the best shape I have ever been in. Thanks Kolby and Nick!” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Jeffery Roberts

“I love the personalized service that they give each member. The workouts are tailored to you. The staff is wonderful, friendly, supportive and vested in your success.” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Aisha Nancoo

“I have been working out with Nick for 3 years now, and he never disappoints. Two of the years I drove from Shelby, MI just to do so. There were winter days it took me 2 hours to get there, that’s proof a one hour workout with Nick is that valuable.

My son and husband also workout him. My 19 year old son made the comment ‘Nicks club feels like family’. I like that it’s home away from home. There’s everything I need, an after workout shake, and a great personal bathroom to put myself back together after an intense workout.

Nick has the gift of keeping his workouts creative. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for 20+ years and feel I’ve done and seen it all. But Nick continues to surprise me with something new.

Body By Choice is defiantly the gym for me, my husband, our 19 year old and soon our 16 year old son.” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Cid Jeltema

“I have nothing but the highest praise for BBCT. If you want a high quality place to work out this is it. The staff and equipment are top notch. Clients of all ages and abilities are welcome and treated with courtesy and respect. I have worked with Nick for about 4 years now and he has had a major impact on my life. When we first met, I was barely able to stand on one foot without falling over! Since then, with a comprehensive focus on good form, targeting all muscle groups, encouragement, and advice about eating habits, I have made amazing progress. When I recently had to limit certain movements due to back problems, Nick was able to adapt and create all new programs to compensate. Come on over – you won’t be disappointed!” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Rick Chambers

“This is a one-on-one type of place, in which all of the member help you reach your goals. It is not just a place you go to workout, but a place to help boost your self-esteem and motivation.” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Philicia Dolci

“My husband and I joined together about a month ago and are really excited about our training so far. My husband had a cardiac event at 42 years old and we realized it was a wake up call. We feel the training is very individualized and specific to each persons body. Nick and Kolby are excellent teachers and we are fascinated by the biosignature experience. We were most concerned about the cost but have come to realize it is worth every penny to feel as good as we do already!” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Katie & Al Puglessi

“BBCT has top of the line equipment, friendly staff, great overall welcoming environment. Everyone, including staff and members, are friendly and all there to help increase health and well being and motivate each other to reach their goals. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and you can learn so much in just one visit. The personalized training programs and talking about nutrition is what helps get you on track to achieving your health and fitness goals! Plus, the added group fitness classes BBCT offers are a bonus to getting your extra workouts in! Overall, the best place to be if you want to transform your overall health and well being!” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Sondra Vogel

“Six months ago, I stopped in Body By Choice for a free class and I am still here today. I was at a point in my life that I knew that I had to join a gym to become healthy or just give up. I did not understand what BBC was all about on those first few visits and I feel so fortunate that I fell into the right place at the right time in my life. I am a middle aged women and BBC is my first gym membership ever. I was encouraged by an adult son who trains cross fit to join a smaller gym where I would feel comfortable. He was worried that if I joined a large gym without support I would give up and disappear after a few weeks. I am so glad that I chose personal training and weight lifting. I have learned that I actually enjoy trying new things. I am challenged by my personal training programs. I am stronger than I thought I was. I am thrilled to see my biosignature assessments comparisons and percentage of body fat on a steady decline. I feel the scheduled biosignature assessments hold me accountable to the lifestyle choices I make on a daily basis. I am trying new foods and recipes. I am feeling better and sleep well. I am happy to wear smaller clothing sizes. I have found all of the staff at BBC to be very professional, knowledgeable and supportive. The BBC approach to wellness is holistic. I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their health to spend some time at the BBC. Absorb all the information that you can to make some life style changes. After all, good thing come to those who sweat!” (Your individual results may vary.) 

– Teresa Markoski

“I began training with Nick this past summer. I could no longer dismiss and deny the aging process. I was ready to concede that priorities and lifestyle changes were necessary if I wanted to continue to enjoy an active life. I had no idea where to start and was very self-conscious of how middle age was affecting my ability to enjoy life.

I am the mother of three children who were all high-school athletes so I certainly know the rigors of a healthy diet and the importance of workouts, as well as a working professional with a demanding position well versed in prioritizing and discipline, yet here I was – 30lbs heavier and overwhelmed with the thought of how do I make lasting health and fitness changes to my lifestyle?

Nick and his team have provided me with a plan that provides education, nutritional recommendations and weekly tailored workouts that have enabled me to incorporate lifestyle changes in my life as my schedule allows. My strength and activity levels increase every week. Most importantly however for me is the structure and encouragement of this process I receive from the professionals at Body by Choice. I am able to make the changes at a pace that works for my schedule and abilities and continuously learn how to incorporate it into a long-term lifestyle.

The passion, professionalism, care and flexibility Nick and his staff have provided to date keep me accountable, encouraged and hopeful that I will achieve goals beyond my anticipation.” (Your individual results may vary.) 


“Joining Body By Choice is one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. Nick is extremely talented and knowledgeable, and it’s clear that he truly has a passion to help people obtain their overall health and body composition goals. At BBC, we know that every employee has a genuine interest in our personal health and goals. Nick has the ability to implement a customized plan to align training, diet, and supplementation with anyone’s individual goals. He doesn’t use gimmicks or diets, but helps create long-term success through manageable lifestyle changes.

The BioSignature Modulation that BBC provides offers practical and clear measurement of our progress. The science behind this measurement tool is real. They can tell when you’re not sleeping well, eating too much junk food, or if your stress level is high simply by measuring different sites on the body. They also provide solutions to help remedy your individual issues. My wife and I have never felt better. I’ve dealt with certain medical issues for years, and I’ve gone from taking several meds a day to none. Our energy and motivation has increased which has allowed us to be more productive and live life to a more fuller extent. We also feel that BBC is helping us prevent our risk for future sickness and disease.

BBC is making a huge difference in our lives, and I want others who share similar struggles to have the same level of success that we are. Thank you, BBC!” (Your individual results may vary.) 


“I began working with Nick Klein on nutrition and weight training in mid April 2011. My goal was to improve my quality of life and lose weight. I was at a place in my life of feeling hopeless of ever really being able to lose all of the weight that I wanted and needed to. Nick started me off with a 2-week nutritional “boot camp”. It went great, I was never hungry and it felt like I was detoxifying the inside of my body.

The weight loss continued after the “boot camp” (I finally had hope) and I was feeling so much healthier. I know there was no turning back to my old way of eating. You hear so much of older people not being able to lose weight easily, but working with Nick has truly proved that not to be true, at least in my case. I have lost 31 pounds so far and I continue to try and reach my ultimate goal. My total cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels have all dropped as well.

In addition, I have been getting Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions with Nick every week. I am amazed at how much better I am feeling physically. I was having pain daily in my lower back and hips, but since the Fascial Stretching I have fewer days of pain and the pain doesn’t linger like it used to. I have also seen improvement in my stride and speed when I walk on the treadmill or outdoors. My movements in day-to-day activities and when playing with my grandchildren has improved greatly.” (Your individual results may vary.) 


“I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how fantastic my sessions with Nick have been going. To be honest, I think I never really had a thorough understanding of everything that personal training encompassed. Nick has great workouts for me, but it is not just one-dimensional. He makes sure that we review nutrition, stress, sleep and environmental factors every session. We just did another weigh-in with measurements yesterday, and in about two weeks I am down three pounds on the scale, and have gained 5 pounds of lean muscle. Naturally, I consider this losing eight pounds! Ha!

On another note, he is available seemingly all the time. I am probably his most high-maintenance client (unfortunately for him!). I am literally emailing him questions pretty much every day. Usually it is regarding a food or product question, and he always emails me back immediately and tells me whether it is something he recommends, or doesn’t recommend. If it is something he recommends, he goes one step further to tell me what time of the day it is best to eat it (or use it). He has recommended books (which I have read) and websites for me to visit (which I have). Plus he sends me articles that he thinks I will find helpful and motivating. Thanks for connecting me with such a great trainer.” (Your individual results may vary.) 


“I have been getting fascial stretch therapy with Nick for several months now and have gained flexibility that I didn’t think I could have. The stretch results are progressive, but very much worth it for the freedom of movement and release of tension. Also, if someone has arthritis, like myself, you will find a wonderful release through fascial stretching.

I highly recommend trying fascial stretch therapy if you are looking for enhanced flexibility, freedom of movement and achieving a higher quality of life. I often think of this technique as being a preventative health program that continues to improve my life. This unique technique has helped more than any physical therapy I have received and its benefit seems to be lasting. I am very grateful.” (Your individual results may vary.) 


“Diane and I started training with Nick in February 2011 with a goal of losing weight and feeling better. Nick asked thought provoking questions and carefully listened to our answers. He was clear about his training method and the philosophy of Charles Poliquin, in which he strongly believes. Diane’s goal was to lose 25 lbs which she has surpassed by 7 pounds. My goal is 40 pounds and I’m half way there.

Nick creates a variety of personalized weight lifting routines that focus on different muscle groups. He has added cardio bursts that keep us motivated and both our bodies have responded well to this. We have noticed that our shapes have changed more than the weight loss reflects. He’s not a drill sergeant; he presents a logical approach and the truth about what it will take over time to achieve our goals. Nick has been helpful and very encouraging in educating us about the importance of following his dietary suggestions. We look forward to our training sessions. Both of us believe we could not have done this without Nick. We had each lost some weight in the past but, thanks to Nick, we have improved our eating habits and now have more muscle to feed!” (Your individual results may vary.) 


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