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The quickest way to tone your body and build more lean muscle mass is to push, pull or grapple something very heavy.

By incorporating strongman training into your routine, our experienced personal trainers can help you to achieve considerable muscle gains in addition to improving your endurance, power, static strength* — and that all-important X factor — mental toughness.

Strongman training can include prowler sled work, yolk walks, farmer’s walks, thick rope shakes, sandbag sprints, sledge hammer tire hits, tractor tire flipping and more!

In order to maximize the benefits from strongman training, it is recommended that you find a training partner who is not only stronger than you, but also willing to challenge you and push you past your limits. Pushing yourself past your own limits is the essence of strength sports — and most training plateaus result from mental barriers — not physical limitations.

Strongman training requires a lot of volume, a lot of weight and a lot of hard work. However, when you are done, you will wish it were time to do it again!

Strongman training should be done once a week with a training partner, a personal trainer at Body by Choice or a group of people who like to train as hard — or harder — than you.

*Individual results will vary. The amount of work and dedication you put in dictates the results you’ll see!

When you are ready to increase your fitness level using strongman training, or to set up your free fitness consultation with one of our personal trainers, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.259.9064.

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