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Nick Klein, Owner and Master Personal Trainer

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Nick Klein has leading results based in personal training. He is known for his no-nonsense approach in helping his clients to achieve impressive health and fitness goals including fat loss, muscle gain, and overall wellness.

He specializes in life style enhancement, body composition, and improved performance.

“Strength training and performance nutrition has evolved and continues to evolve year after year. Training or consulting with me gives you the advantage of achieving your goals at a quicker rate with the help of functional medicine and BioSignature protocols. I use specific, individualized nutritional and exercise programs that give you the extra edge to achieve your goals. I use many techniques (Strength & Flexibility Assessments, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Boxing for Fitness, and Structural Balance) to reach your desired goals in a safe and as fast as possible.

While people see and feel the obvious results physically, they will also improve spiritually and mentally. I strive to improve myself every day and complete four or more internships/seminars each year in an effort to stay up-to-date with all the latest research concerning fitness, nutrition, and supplementation.” – Nick Klein


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Fitness in Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs from Central Michigan University
  • PICP CPT Level 3 State Coach
  • American College Sports Medicine CPT
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 2
  • BioSignature Practitioner & Health Coach
  • Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique
  • Fascial Abrasion Tool Certified

Professional Development

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Fitness in Preventative and Rehabilitative Programs from Central Michigan University – 2009
  • Minor in Community Health from Central Michigan University – 2009
  • American College of Sports Medicine Certification – 2010
  • Internship at East Hills Athletic Club – 2010
  • Charles Poliquin, BioSignature Level 1 – 2010 (Scottsdale AZ)
  • PICP Level 1 Certification – 2011 (Ottawa Canada)
  • PICP Level 2 State Coach Certification – 2011 (Ottawa Canada)
  • Private Internship, Eric Falstrault, Level 5 PICP Strength Coach – 2011 (Montreal Canada)
  • Charles Poliquin BioSignature Level 1 – 2011 (East Greenwich RI)
  • Fascia Stretch Therapy – 2012 (Toronto Canada)
  • Fat Loss Bootcamp Internship, Charles Poliquin – 2012 (East Greenwich RI)
  • Eleiko Strength Summit – 2012 (East Greenwich RI)
  • Charles Poliquin, BioSignature Level 2 – 2013 (Toronto Canada)
  • Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Certification – 2013 (Toronto Canada)
  • Fascia Abrasion Tool Certification – 2013 (Toronto Canada)
  • Strength and Wellness Conference – 2013 (East Greenwich RI)
  • Advanced Nutrition and Supplementation Conference – 2013 (East Greenwich RI)
  • Perform Better Conference – 2014 (Chicago IL)
  • Poliquin Group, Biosignature Level 1 – 2014 (Chicago IL)
  • Lab Assessments and Metabolic Performance – 2014 (poliquin strength institute)
  • Gut Health and Metabolic Performance – 2014 (poliquin strength institute)
  • Private Internship, Luke Leaman, PICP Level 5 & Level 1 Poliquin Group Biosignature Instructor – 2014 (East Greenwich RI)
  • Poliquin Group, Biosignature Level 2 -2015 (Toronto Canada)
  • Private Internship, Christian Maurice, PICP Level 4 & accomplished Naturopath – 2015 (Montreal Canada)
  • Detoxification, A Whole Body Approach – 2015 (poliquin strength institute)
  • Effects of Stress on Sleep – 2015 (poliquin strength institute)
  • Performance Training and Recovery – 2015 (poliquin strength institute)
  • Private Fat-Loss Seminar, Muscle Nerd Inc. (Toronto Canada) – 11/15/2015
  • The Meeting of the Minds, Charles Poliquin & Ed Seykota (Dallas, Texas) – 11/21/2015
  • Fascia Stretch Therapy Level 2 (Toronto, Canada) – 4/2016
  • Designing Effective Hypertrophy Programs – 2016 (Poliquin Strength Institute)
  • Designing Effective Relative Strength Programs – 2016 (Poliquin Strength Institute)
  • Designing Explosive Strength Using Plyometrics – 2016 (Poliquin Strength Institute)
  • Poliquin Group, Biosignature Level 2 – 2016 (East Greenwich, RI)
  • PICP Level 3 Certification – 2017 (Chicago, Il.)

Personal Trainer Kolby Semrow

Grand Rapids Personal Trainers

Kolby graduated from Grand Valley State University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, with a minor in Business.

While attending GVSU, Kolby worked with their track and field team doing strength training. He worked alongside the coaches and athletes to improve the team’s speed, agility, and strength, particularly with the high jumpers.

Kolby is a level 2 PICP State Coach (Poliquin International Certification Program) and worked as a personal trainer for over a year at Iron Orr Gym before joining Body By Choice.

Kolby has been married to his wife, Whitley, for two years. He has been passionate about health and fitness his entire life, and especially enjoys power lifting and strength training. His main priority is to help you achieve your fitness goals and to get you healthy as quickly as possible.

Biosignature Practitioner Tiffny Harmon

Personal Trainers Grand Rapids - Tiffny Harmon

Tiffny has a passion for helping others live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. She has always been an active person, but recently became more involved in health and fitness after her own personal health started to suffer. She fell into a common struggle of letting the demands of raising a family take priority over her personal health. So she decided to do something about it. She started training with Nick and made several lifestyle changes. Through the BioSignature principles and Nick’s training program, Tiffny was able to improve both her physical and emotional health. This ultimately created a desire for her to share this information with others, so that that they too may achieve a similar level of success.

Tiffny helps BBCT members accomplish their body composition and wellness goals through BioSignature consultations. In 2014, Tiffny completed the BioSignature Modulation certification and is now a Poliquin™ BioSignature Level 1 Practitioner. She is also Precision Nutrition Certified. Assisting clients with nutritional tips, grocery lists, and meal plans is what she loves about her job. Tiffny believes that each and every body is uniquely created. She works with BBCT clients to quiet their minds and listen to what their bodies are trying to tell them. This ultimately allows Nick and Tiffny to provide customized solutions that align with their physical and emotional wellness goals.

Tiffny was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area. She is a graduate of Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado with a degree in Elementary Education. Tiffny has been married to her husband, John, for 17 years and together have four beautiful children. Tiffny enjoys teaching her children how to build a healthy foundation, continuing to educate herself, and sharing her knowledge with others. In her free time she enjoys cooking and reading.

Personal Trainer AnnaMarie Kuperus

Personal Trainer in Grand Rapids MI - AnnaMaria Kuperus

AnnaMarie is originally from Sussex, New Jersey and has made Grand Rapids her home after spending four years at Calvin College. She will graduate in December 2016 with a BA in Kinesiology. Whether it be playing soccer, throwing a javelin, or playing rugby, AnnaMarie has always been an active participant in sports.

However, it wasn’t until she tore her ACL in high school that she realized the importance of strength training. She began to recognize the imbalances in her body, and how they could be transformed by strength training.

She is now using the knowledge she gained to pursue her life’s goal of helping others reach their full potential and improve their overall health.

She joined BBCT as an intern in January 2016 and now serves as a personal trainer.

In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Office Manager Diana

BBCT Office Manager - Diana

Diana began training with Nick in 2011 after dealing with some debilitating health issues. Nick equipped her with education on healthy eating and nutrition, which helped her realize how poor food choices impact physical and mental health.

She decided that she needed to make some lifestyle changes. As Diana began strength training, eliminating gluten, sugar, and processed foods, her health issues began to resolve themselves. Between the nutritional support and workouts, Diana not only began to transform physically but emotionally as well. As a mother of three, Diana understands that it can be difficult to justify investing the time and money in yourself, but she knows firsthand that in doing so, you are becoming a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Diana Napieralski studied Business at Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University. She is also a registered medical assistant. Before leaving the business world to be a stay at home mom, she worked in customer service and sales and management at a local software company. In her spare time, Diana loves cooking, baking and spending time with her family.


Personal Trainer Tommy Mahalic

Personal Trainer Tommy Mahalic

Tommy is a currently working on his degree to become a dietitian. He attends GRCC right now and is planning on transferring to Grand Valley State University.

Tommy graduated from Lowell High School, He was a wrestler and was a part of 2 state titles with the team. Wrestling sparked his interest in training and nutrition. He started lifting after he graduated and got involved in bodybuilding.

Tommy competed for the first time in may at the NPC Grand Rapids Championships. He placed 4th in both the Teen and True Novice Divisions. He has aspirations of competing in the NPC future and hopefully reach the national stage.

He was one of the youngest ever to complete PICP at the age of 18. Tommy is a Level 2 State Coach currently and is looking to continue his education with the Poliquin group in BioSignature and PICP courses.

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